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Minty fresh

I am always in search of switching over to a product that is better for my skin with better nourishing ingredients. I enjoy the tingly feeling now that summer is around the corner and this has helped me with my achy muscles from work lately, I look forward to using these products every time I take a shower it’s nice and pampering. As well as keeping my skin nice and balanced, and moisturized. I enjoy the matching lotion. I feel nice and fresh afterwards. I really like that this is a Canadian company, I support this brand. The scrub is a nice bonus too. . I think that this set is worth getting good price for all what you get I will be set for awhile

Love it

This is the best smelling lotion and body soap I've ever had. I will be buying again

Mint body lotion

Absolutely love this lotion! It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling really soft. This is the only lotion form me!


Amazing body moisturizer!! Leaves me skin so soft without being greasy. I love it!


Amazing body moisturizer!! Leaves me skin so soft without being greasy. I love it!

Amazing product!

Love the creme brûlée lotion! Smells amazing and leaves skin feeling so soft!

hey sarah, we're so glad to hear you love it. thanks for the awesome feedback, you rock!
Amazing Products

Love everything! Thank you for making such great products without the junk!

thanks for the review, we try our very best to produce a clean, greener product without the toxins. xoxo - the babes at basd

I love it !!!! I have very dry + sensitive skin. The washes available in store dry my skin out even more...... BASD ROCKS !!!! The cool, refreshing and soothing feeling after using the wash was to die for. The lotion OMG don't get me started on that :) My skin has never felt batter after using the combo, BASD left my skin soft and smooth, not dry and tight... LOVE IT !!!

we love hearing stories like this and we're so glad to hear basd works wonders for you. thanks for sharing. xoxo - the babes at basd
indulgent crème brûlée body lotion

Never received my order.

seductive sandalwood body lotion

Strong scent but really silky

I'm trying to love this lotion because it softens up my skin, but I'm sensitive to the smell of the creme Brule. I find it overpowering, I wish it less scented

hey there, we understand that scent is a very personal preference and hope we can find a scent that's more your taste. contact us so we can see what else can be done. thanks
OK- wait...

... where have you been? So glad I found you. Never has being tantalized with such scents been so luxurious. Well done.

thanks for the review and the chuckle - funniest review of the year goes to... you!

indulgent crème brûlée body lotion

Heaven on my legs

I always struggled to find a lotion that didn’t bother my freshly shaven legs. This one does the trick! Not only does it both bother them, it makes them feel amazing and is part of my daily morning ritual.

we're so glad to hear the lotion works great for you. thanks for the feedback babe. you rock!

Love this company. Love what they stand for. Love these products!! I never go a day without using. 👍

thanks babe, we love your feedback. you rock!

Exactly what I was looking for, a shower gel with a 'gourmand' smell! and with natural ingredients! Leaves my skin soft and moisturized. The smell is sooo good! I just love it! Perfect!

hey babe, we're so glad to hear you love it. thanks for the feedback
Best combo ever!!

Amazing products that are great for you and the environment!! Love, love, love the mint scent.

we love, love, love the feedback. thanks babe
Very pleased

Love the product!

and we love the feedback, thanks babe
Great products


thanks for the feedback!
It's awesome!

This body wash is silky and lathers very nicely in hot water...When paired with the sandalwood lotion, you can't go wrong!

hey Treena, we're glad to hear you love it. thanks for taking the time to write a review, you rock!
Smells amazing

My daughter and I both love the smell of This lotion I do find it to be a little strong if I use it all over my body but in small uses, it’s fantastic

hey babe, we're glad to hear you and the fam love it. a little goes a long way with basd
BEST Product I've used !

Love love love it!!!!.…. makes my skin feel so silky and smells wonderful. With the added bonus that it's all natural :)

thanks for the feedback babe, you rock!

Was so impressed with how quickly product came and how easy it was to body lotion ever and the scent is very refreshing!!

hey sara, we're so glad to hear you love it and it arrived on time!
Rich but not greasy

I just bought my second bottle of seductive sandalwood body lotion. I love that it's vegan, moisturizing and the scent is fantastic. Only problem is my husband discovered how nice it is; guess he needs his own bottle.

hey suzanne, we're so glad you and your hubby love it. unfortunately basd body wash thievery is very real :)

Today I tried out this scent (sandalwood) after previously using the creme brulee wash, which I loved. I like sandalwood a lot in general and like the smell of the product, but yikes - now that I've used it, it's very strong! The wash itself is great and it's while always nice to have a little bit of a lingering scent after a shower, I stink. Please consider dialing down the fragrance in this one!

hey babe, thanks for the feedback. we will certainly keep it in mind for future product development.