mocha beauty powder


30-day serving
(that's only $1/day)

glowing skin starts from within!

restore, protect, repair, and support your gorgeous hair, skin, nails, and immunity with bāsd beauty powder. made with 12 whole plant-food and antioxidant-rich ingredients your beautiful body will thank you for.

it’s the perfect vegan alternative to collagen.


  • helps you achieve radiant skin, more lustrous hair, and stronger nails
  • supports immune function
  • protects against damaging free radicals
  • repairs and hydrates skin from within
  • restores skin's natural beauty, leaving it looking fresh and vibrant
  • entirely plant-bāsd with no dyes or nasty ingredients
  • tastes delicious
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drink up!

mix 1 scoop (3.45 g) per day in 1 cup (284 ml) of water or your favorite beverage.

get creative and try in your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or even cocktails!

take with food, a few hours before or after taking medications or other natural health products.

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silicon (from bambusa bambos stem), hyaluronic acid (as sodium hyaluronate), resveratrol (from reynoutria japonica root), acerola (malpighia glabra fruit), truserv™ organic vegetable blend, beet, kale, carrot, organic cane sugar, cocoa flavor, cappuccino flavor, sea salt, stevia leaf extract

*ingredients subject to change - but they will always be clean based on think dirty

hero ingredients


is rich in resveratrol, which works all kinds of magic and protects against visible signs of skin aging


is rich in vitamin c, which helps to support collagen production and keep skin hydrated

carrot & kale

are loaded with vitamins and carotenoids that work magic

cranberry, blueberry, apple & beet

are packed with antioxidant polyphenols


aka “vitamin h,” which pretty much stands for haut skin and healthy hair because biotin supports the skin and hair’s keratin infrastructure

hyaluronic acid

helps to improve the skin’s hydration, which plumps up your gorgeous skin

bamboo silicon

helps to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant (plus supports healthy hair and nail strength!)

zinc citrate

is an all-round superhero and your beauty bff! it works with other nutrients to rebuild new collagen, supporting hair, skin, and nails by day, and your immune system by night

cruelty free tested only on consenting adults
organic made with plant-bāsd ingredients
vegan vegan
toxin-free and paraben-free

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mocha beauty powder
mocha beauty powder
mocha beauty powder
mocha beauty powder
mocha beauty powder
mocha beauty powder

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

I LOVE this product!!! … so much so, that I just opened my second container and have three (!!) more already purchased!!! I find the berry flavour super refreshing, and i look forward to drinking it daily. And my skin!!! it is literally glowing, and has never felt this hydrated, smooth or supple before. I honestly recommend trying this beauty powder! I noticed results after the first week, and continued improvement with my skin each week … which is why i made sure that I will never run out, lol! ❤️

hey roberta! wow, what amazing sentiments. we are so happy that you are experiencing such great results. we would absolutely love for you to share with us if you are on social media, or even throw us some before/after's via email of your skin journey! cheers & enjoy - basd team

Amanda T.
Mocha beauty powder

Only been used this a week, but the taste is amazing! I have added the powder to my coffee and it is a great substitute for sugar. As a vegan, trying to find plant based products and supplements is tough. But I received a sample of the Basd Mint Wash with a purchase and loved it and got lost in your website and products. For taste alone, and the added benefit of the silicon and biotin, at $19.99 this was a great find. I went back and ordered two more!


I`ve just started taking this product so I haven`t noticed anything significant just yet but the flavor of it is really good!
My only complaint is that the texture is very grainy and there seems to be a lot of sugar in it & since its cane sugar I think that`s what gives it the super grainy texture

Rosa R.
Basd Glowing Skin beauty powder (berry flavor)

I have recently started using the glowing skin supplement and look forward to seeing how it helps my hair and nails. I appreciate how basd body care uses organic ingredients in their products. The glowing skin supplement smells and tastes great! I usually add a couple of ice cubes, which give me that refreshing summer drink feeling and taste.

Tracy c.
Takes a bit of time to work but I love it

|I have never, ever , ever, been able to grow my nails. I've tried creams, manicures, polishes that were all supposed to work 'magic" but they all failed. I just finished my first container of the mocha flavour. Its amazing tasting. Truly is. Plus, , wait for it, I actually now have nails long enough to file, polish and look like I actually care about my nails. My skin, at 53, is looking better too. A lot less patchy from my neglect of it during my I love the sun, who needs sunscreens 20's, to the blur of the 30's and having 2 kids and an always travelling husband, then my "oh my God, I'm having my third baby in my 40's and I'm exhausted and too tired to care skin routines. I highly recommend this product. But don't expect results right away and don't expect noticable results until you've almost finished the 1st container. I love it. Buying more today and getting the family on it too.

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